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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Two sides of a coin (literally)

29-Sep-08 | 6,586 views

I switched to the newer microscope eventually since I didn’t find a way to keep the top light of the QX3 on because I wanted to sample something opaque. Here’s what I got (click to see it REEEAAALLY BIIIGGG): After taking pictures for whatever I can grab on the table, I decided to create a […]

Response to “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction (1936)”

25-Sep-08 | 4,107 views

I didn’t really finished the essay because I’m really slow reading English, however I happened to have read it in Chinese translation back in Shanghai, so I’m just writing down small pieces of thoughts. I always feel that art is related to skills, and definition of skill varies through time. We tend to worship artworks […]

Pepper and Chicken

24-Sep-08 | 2,769 views

Forgot to use the Xacti to shoot though…… It’s really hard to shoot single-hand! I mean while cooking!

Supposed-to-be-easy Electricity Lab

24-Sep-08 | 5,041 views

Spent still over two hours though., most of the time tweaking with the multimeter. THE REGULATOR    Output: 4.97V Input:16.47V Voltage over LED: 2.088V – over resister: 2.70V LED IN SERIES I don’t really have much to say about that… LED A:2.52V LED B:2.48V Seems perfect? Not able to light up 3 LEDs in series […]

Seeing through the low-res: Iteration One

23-Sep-08 | 4,632 views

“To visualize the vision” makes me feeling confused for a long time. Bunches of questions buzzing in my head while I started playing with the microscope. What am I supposed to do if the source is already viewable to the eyes? Would it make sense just to stretch the images, scale them, detect some edges […]

30 Minutes Film Festival

19-Sep-08 | 3,911 views

It was a (really) quick edit however the random clips of Gabe were AMAZING! Thanks Lara and Gloria.

The Machine Stops

18-Sep-08 | 7,875 views

I’ve always been enjoying science fictions regarding man-machine relationship, in most cases through movies though. It’s undoubtedly amazing experience to read a story from 1909 which ironically indicated a real problem nowadays, that people are tied so much to the internet that traditional concept of privacy, relationship and trust are dramatically changing. Fortunately we are […]


18-Sep-08 | 3,848 views


Physical Computing Week 2: Analog!

17-Sep-08 | 5,256 views

Hooking up the following stuff according to the diagram was easy and quick. And a resister of 220 10K Om is working ideally to create an ouput range of 0 – 930 (from total darkness to direct shine of torchlight) for the photocell. I changed the switch from last week to a much smaller one […]

Visualizing Sound: Week 2

15-Sep-08 | 5,409 views

I played a lot with processing today and almost forgot about the homework. Here comes the visualization for the famous pink song: First I changed the audio source to line-in so that I could play live with whatever I want. And I do love to snap to my laptop and see it react. *snap* *snap* […]