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Monthly Archives: October 2008


07-Oct-08 | 5,239 views


La Jetée

02-Oct-08 | 10,462 views

La Jetée is like a silent film. Just that it has a continuous narrative voice with sequence of still images, while in a silent film there’re continuous moving pictures with still images of narrative notes from time to time. It’s a strange yet pleasant experience you feel your sense of vision and hearing are altered. […]

Fred and Lester

02-Oct-08 | 3,779 views

Fred and Lester have always been good coworkers until one day… (Thanks Lara!) by Lara and Liangjie Also, rough storyboard/charactor design:

Solution for Lockouts

01-Oct-08 | 4,984 views

Lockouts are irritating. especially when you live in a dorm, at midnight, your roommate is sleeping, and backup keys are two hours away. Here’s the self-service solution. I should have made a much more complex combination lock with multiple sensors and flexible customization functionalities, but it’s two in the morning… so maybe next time… Secret […]