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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Wrapping-up the five senses: poster and proposal

22-Nov-08 | 20,424 views

The semester is coming to the end and we were creating a collage of all previous class works… and it turns out to be no-so-systematic as in one poster. Here is the archive for all posts regarding the class this semester. coin and collage:   poster and proposal (more images): I’ll keep working on the […]

Voodoo Doll Love

21-Nov-08 | 201,998 views

I’ll be working with molmol on the animation and … it’ll be, again, a lot of work… So here’s the storyboard. Visit this page for uninterrupted browsing experience. charactor originally designed by molmol, great work!

To-do List (Supplementary Uncertainty)

13-Nov-08 | 4,268 views

yes we made it! on time! and fantastic! Thank Lina, Bryan and Adi!

Proposal for Pcom Final

12-Nov-08 | 75,958 views

The biggest challenge for me so far is to narrow down the options and ideas. The semester is too short to explore everything that interests me, so that makes it even harder to decide on a “final” project. Proposal 1: The Sphere I’m taking the visualizing the five senses class this semester and am always […]

Visualizing Taste: Artificial Tastes

07-Nov-08 | 16,777 views

How many tastes we are enjoying today are artificial? How many of them are still real? I found this lovely website the other day and was amazed that so many tastes could be simulated by chemical compounds. Almost immediately I decided to take this data source for the visualization assignment for the taste.  Visit the […]

Visualizing Smell: Group Assignment

07-Nov-08 | 188,731 views

Group assignment by Robert Carlsen, Brien Colwell, Cynthia Hilmoe, Liangjie Xia. The smell visualization is based on the experiment in the paper “Bilateral olfactory sensory input enhances chemotaxis behavior”(Nature Magazine. Matthieu Louis, Thomas Huber, Richard Benton, Thomas P Sakmar & Leslie B Vosshall). We tried to look into the larvae’s triangulation behavior and assumed that […]

The making of “Todo List”

07-Nov-08 | 5,033 views

Check out the time lapse video while we were filming the video work for comm lab. I took out some of the blank screens while we were out having a break (and yes, pizza and beer). It’s not one hundred percent compliant with the original storyboard due to the time. Let’s see what we can […]

Everyone with crazy ideas of the keyless entry must be living in a dorm!

07-Nov-08 | 8,690 views

I ran into this post today and apparently it’s a similar but much savvier implementation of my unlocking system. Really like the touch sensor use! What’s really sad is I was locked again outside my bedroom two weeks ago at midnight. I cannot always stick my arduino to the door. Nice work Alex! Check out […]

Audio clip for CommLab

04-Nov-08 | 6,417 views

This post is one of the catch up series posting since mid-term! Set 1: International Language Track 1 and Background Music Set 2: International Language Track 2 and English Track