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Monthly Archives: March 2009

update on mainstreaming info

30-Mar-09 | 51,430 views

I broadened my mainstreaming info project to look into all US military interventions in the past 200 years instead of only nation building attempts for several reasons. After putting all nation building facts together and categorizing them by countries, it’s still hard for me to reveal some significant patterns among all these attempts for me […]

Visualizing wolfram patterns with monmonmonsters

30-Mar-09 | 5,149 views

Interested in creating a simple form of “stand alone complex”, I decided to use wolfram’s one-dimension cellular automata as the underneath engine for the monsters. The color, dancing pattern, dancing amplitude are driven by different sets of CA rules. Play monmon “CA” monster here: or on openprocessing:


12-Mar-09 | 4,706 views

I spent hours playing with processing monsters last night and ended up with my little monster creation with cellular automata. I was excited about the possibility of creating a “complex” in between chaos and periodical oscillation but still feel confused to create one from scratch. A possible approach could be build a new visual/behavior/whatever upon […]

Jaw dropping facts, and now what

05-Mar-09 | 6,108 views

So, yes I’m taking three design classes this semester, really pushing myself hardest ever. As a semester long project for Mainstreaming Information class, we were required to look for “jaw-dropping facts” and create visualizations to articulate. As a kickoff I created this poster to pitch the main topic of my project. I would like to […]

Toy Design Proposal

05-Mar-09 | 14,509 views

Jabberstamp was almost my initial motivation of getting into physical computing and interactive design. To create a more general purpose sound toy seems a little bit too ambitious for a couple of months, I would still like to put forward and see how far I can push it into. I meant to focus more on […]

When you cannot sleep

04-Mar-09 | 6,956 views

It’s a shame I never wrote about Redial class since it really turned out to be my favorite this semester. Asterisk is so fun to hack around with although so far we’ve just been doing really simple stuff. For the midterm, Li and I teamed up and decided to create an answering bot which you […]

Perlin Noise Flow Field and Smoky Ribbon

04-Mar-09 | 14,654 views

My take into the midterm for Nature of Code started from aimless playing with some old codes I made a couple of weeks ago. Not having a concrete idea of a “project” proposal, I decided to apply a Perlin Noise flow field to the fluid pluses I made last week, so that I need not […]