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Monthly Archives: April 2009

US Intervention 1798 – 2009

27-Apr-09 | 8,927 views

“The United States military has been intervening in other countries for a long time. In 1898, it seized the Philippines, Cuba, and Puerto Rico from Spain, and in 1917-18 became embroiled in World War I in Europe. In the first half of the 20th century it repeatedly sent Marines to ‘protectorates’ such as Nicaragua, Honduras, […]

I wish I know more trigs

14-Apr-09 | 7,442 views

Did too much soldering today. I’ll just post some screenshots as update for the U.S. intervention history visualization. Since last the most effort regarding this project was spent on figuring out the tech details on building interaction into the spinning globe. I wish I know more about trigs! Several tips to put down for myself: […]

Midnight ranting

14-Apr-09 | 4,349 views

Storytelling stickers update

09-Apr-09 | 6,459 views

Wrapping up what’s happened to the storytelling stickers! THE READER The RFID reader is working! It took a while though. I did some search and ended up taking arduino codes from featuring the AF_SoftSerial library. It’s very well written and comprehensive. The scripts added a kicking off step and a disconnection detection as well. […]

TicTacToe Game with Asterisk

09-Apr-09 | 4,929 views

and Processing… Thanks to Dan’s example codes on the threading multiple callers and socket communication, it’s not hard to route the AGI scripts to processing. The most effort was actually spent on the player scheduling and game developing (written from scratch). Kinda tired of these white on black UIs but it’s still the most handy […]

More experiments with globe

09-Apr-09 | 8,427 views

Some sketches to play with 3D globe and its motion. I have to made this to see if it makes sense at all if I plot the timeline data long the radius of the globe. Next step is to create better visual elements and put in text captions. The graph reads from the center to […]