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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Automating The Brush Stroke

20-Nov-09 | 8,775 views

Here’s a rough diagram of the drawing machine architecture that I have in mind. I’m building the components from bottom to top. I moved on from the brush stroke and started to work on a set of drawing functions that incorporate the stroke. Currently coverage: moveTo, lineTo, rect, circle the moveTo function is necessary since […]

A Passive Drawing Machine

12-Nov-09 | 3,849 views

worked on this simple drawing machine a couple of month ago but never got it posted. The machine draws with dripping ink, which is loaded into the cup and slowed down by the sponge. The machine draws while the movable paper holder is pushed, leaving passive trails on the paper.

Update on my brush stroke

05-Nov-09 | 29,911 views

following up my drawing machine project proposal, I built a brush stroke in the first week to simulate what a brush should behave in my imagination. Basically I built it with the idea of simulating chinese calligraphy (without the splashing ink part) so first it should be used for writing, and it came out pretty […]

More on 3D Modeling Techniques

05-Nov-09 | 251,640 views

Generative 3D Modeling paper: Wikipedia entry of Generative Modeling Language: Usual 3D file formats describe a virtual world in terms of geometric primitives. These may be cubes and spheres in a CSG tree, NURBS patches, a set of implicit functions, a consomm√© of triangles, or just a cloud of points. The term “generative […]