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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Imaginary Sociable Objects

23-Mar-10 | 22,220 views

Nanorobots! Click to read more about Local Network for Group Intelligence (a collaboration with Adi Marom)

Face Reader

23-Mar-10 | 15,659 views

Think of a question you have about the world, the simpler the better. Create an experiment that seeks the answer. Design a pilot study that includes gathering data. Consider having a control group and an experimental group to compare. User your data to try and see something that might be invisible to the casual observer. […]

Sensor Network: Data Logging and Visualization

01-Mar-10 | 31,537 views

I’m working with Sebastian and Michael as “visualization” team for the sensor network assignment for this week’s Sociable Objects Workshop. It’s very challenging for the whole class to work on one single project, but so far it went on pretty well. Tasks are split and assigned and we also find ways to work with dependencies […]