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Category Archives: ITP

Communication Setup for Blinded

15-May-10 | 22,971 views

Li and I worked on a group of robotic/kinetic creatures to create an ironic and self-balanced networked system called Blinded. A very detailed documentation of the construction iterations are up on Li’s website, so I’ll just write a bit about the communication between the creatures. For the first iteration we had only one creature fully […]

Contour Study

22-Apr-10 | 19,972 views

These probably won’t be posted to the actual impersonal archive site since I would like to keep that as only archives for self-supervised creations. The brush is working very well even it’s just training direct output from blob detection, the brush itself is taking care of the motion dynamics. It could be just a side […]

Imaginary Sociable Objects

23-Mar-10 | 22,219 views

Nanorobots! Click to read more about Local Network for Group Intelligence (a collaboration with Adi Marom)

Face Reader

23-Mar-10 | 15,659 views

Think of a question you have about the world, the simpler the better. Create an experiment that seeks the answer. Design a pilot study that includes gathering data. Consider having a control group and an experimental group to compare. User your data to try and see something that might be invisible to the casual observer. […]

Sensor Network: Data Logging and Visualization

01-Mar-10 | 31,536 views

I’m working with Sebastian and Michael as “visualization” team for the sensor network assignment for this week’s Sociable Objects Workshop. It’s very challenging for the whole class to work on one single project, but so far it went on pretty well. Tasks are split and assigned and we also find ways to work with dependencies […]

Using XBee Without Arduino

26-Feb-10 | 34,609 views

I worked with Adi on the “Romantic Lighting Sensor” Lab for Sociable Objects Workshop. Since we do not have a photo cell at hand, we just used a normal potentiometer as the remote sensor. The code is from Rob Faludi’s course code sample page. We had some problem at first with the receiver side and […]

“im-personal”: components and features

24-Feb-10 | 40,271 views

Overview My thesis project is a software program that creates generative drawings on its own, one drawing per day, and updates its own drawing blog. The program was built on the reverse of most generative computer graphics artwork or simulation approaches that creates realistic graphics; instead of creating complex visual graphics based on intensive computational […]

“im-personal”: use cases

24-Feb-10 | 28,147 views

I still need a name for my drawing machine. My class felt the “machine” in the name is confusing, but I keep thinking the whole application as a machine since there will be loosely coupled components, and they are assembled in a way like machines. Anyways a name would still be necessary because that will […]

Thesis Workplan

24-Feb-10 | 26,377 views

is here:

Thesis Idea Switch

24-Feb-10 | 21,546 views

So this is happening to me, and I guess sooner is better than later. I would like to have a specific idea to develop (and code!) so I am turning back to the self-evolving drawing machine idea. I realized that given the very limited time it is nearly impractical to complete my research on the […]