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Category Archives: Communications Lab

La Jetée

02-Oct-08 | 10,462 views

La Jetée is like a silent film. Just that it has a continuous narrative voice with sequence of still images, while in a silent film there’re continuous moving pictures with still images of narrative notes from time to time. It’s a strange yet pleasant experience you feel your sense of vision and hearing are altered. […]

Fred and Lester

02-Oct-08 | 3,779 views

Fred and Lester have always been good coworkers until one day… (Thanks Lara!) by Lara and Liangjie Also, rough storyboard/charactor design:

Response to “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction (1936)”

25-Sep-08 | 4,127 views

I didn’t really finished the essay because I’m really slow reading English, however I happened to have read it in Chinese translation back in Shanghai, so I’m just writing down small pieces of thoughts. I always feel that art is related to skills, and definition of skill varies through time. We tend to worship artworks […]

Pepper and Chicken

24-Sep-08 | 2,783 views

Forgot to use the Xacti to shoot though…… It’s really hard to shoot single-hand! I mean while cooking!

30 Minutes Film Festival

19-Sep-08 | 3,926 views

It was a (really) quick edit however the random clips of Gabe were AMAZING! Thanks Lara and Gloria.

The Machine Stops

18-Sep-08 | 7,900 views

I’ve always been enjoying science fictions regarding man-machine relationship, in most cases through movies though. It’s undoubtedly amazing experience to read a story from 1909 which ironically indicated a real problem nowadays, that people are tied so much to the internet that traditional concept of privacy, relationship and trust are dramatically changing. Fortunately we are […]

Quick update on waterfall (more photo to follow)

11-Sep-08 | 5,161 views

Sunny afternoon, fair breeze, september 11th, perfect day to hang out. However I was going alone so I tried hard to make myself look like a tourist. I do like the idea of the waterfall in urban area, but I did expect it to be more surrealistic.    The scaffolding of the waterfall looks weak given the […]