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More on 3D Modeling Techniques

05-Nov-09 | 251,816 views

Generative 3D Modeling paper: Wikipedia entry of Generative Modeling Language: Usual 3D file formats describe a virtual world in terms of geometric primitives. These may be cubes and spheres in a CSG tree, NURBS patches, a set of implicit functions, a consomm√© of triangles, or just a cloud of points. The term “generative […]

content-aware media retargeting

22-Oct-09 | 8,887 views

seam carving for content-aware image resizing Effective resizing of images should not only use geometric constraints, but consider the image content as well. A seam is an optimal 8-connected path of pixels on a single image from top to bottom, or left to right, where optimality is defined by an image energy function. By repeatedly […]

Digitized Memories

08-Oct-09 | 14,787 views

Virtual reality is apparently not just about the vision, it’s always about using all possible help of the technology to trigger a similar (but altered) experience that is already stored in the human brain through all senses, including very subtle emotions. It’s a magic of bringing the memory to the present. It is not too […]

image bookmarking websites as reorganization for image metadata

24-Sep-09 | 68,235 views

Whereas social bookmarking websites are serving the purpose of personal stash of online assets for people, they are also performing extremely effective reorganization on the massive but scattered information on the web. Taking just image bookmarking tools/websites for instance, they are generating much more semantic metadata for all accessible images on the web, and are […]