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Category Archives: The Nature of Code

Humon beings update

02-May-09 | 7,592 views

Li and I presented the humons on Wednesday and Thursday in both Redial and Nature of Code class. Although we’ve been playing around for weeks and a lot of people already saw it, it’s still so joyful to see a lot people actually play with it at the same time. Here’s the video from the […]

Visualizing wolfram patterns with monmonmonsters

30-Mar-09 | 5,149 views

Interested in creating a simple form of “stand alone complex”, I decided to use wolfram’s one-dimension cellular automata as the underneath engine for the monsters. The color, dancing pattern, dancing amplitude are driven by different sets of CA rules. Play monmon “CA” monster here: or on openprocessing:


12-Mar-09 | 4,706 views

I spent hours playing with processing monsters last night and ended up with my little monster creation with cellular automata. I was excited about the possibility of creating a “complex” in between chaos and periodical oscillation but still feel confused to create one from scratch. A possible approach could be build a new visual/behavior/whatever upon […]

Perlin Noise Flow Field and Smoky Ribbon

04-Mar-09 | 14,654 views

My take into the midterm for Nature of Code started from aimless playing with some old codes I made a couple of weeks ago. Not having a concrete idea of a “project” proposal, I decided to apply a Perlin Noise flow field to the fluid pluses I made last week, so that I need not […]

Playing with fluid simulation

23-Feb-09 | 6,371 views

As continuing playing with particle systems I came up this simple applet of fluid simuation app. Play applet at or

The Weaver

22-Feb-09 | 5,072 views

This is an exercise of creating hundreds of hidden attractors on the screen to pull the particles on the screen so as to create a weaving behavior.       When it’s getting denser, the result is getting more interesting. This one looks like moss on the rock. More     Play the applet at

Floating bubbles

22-Feb-09 | 7,162 views

Assignment 2 for Nature of Code. Trying to simulate floating effect by creating gravity and buoyancy under the imaginative surface of water (in this case, the middle of the screen).  This is a practice of simulating the second Newton’s law by applying acceleration to the particle’s velocity other than directly changing the velocity or location. Play […]

The walker

22-Feb-09 | 5,475 views

I played with noise and probability to see what I can get out of the “walker” example for The Nature of Code class. 4 parameters were set up to control my walker group and somehow I’m getting this flies around food / bugs around lamp effect. Parameters: Acceleration of the particle Attraction from the anchor […]