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Category Archives: Thesis

Contour Study

22-Apr-10 | 19,768 views

These probably won’t be posted to the actual impersonal archive site since I would like to keep that as only archives for self-supervised creations. The brush is working very well even it’s just training direct output from blob detection, the brush itself is taking care of the motion dynamics. It could be just a side […]

“im-personal”: components and features

24-Feb-10 | 40,160 views

Overview My thesis project is a software program that creates generative drawings on its own, one drawing per day, and updates its own drawing blog. The program was built on the reverse of most generative computer graphics artwork or simulation approaches that creates realistic graphics; instead of creating complex visual graphics based on intensive computational […]

“im-personal”: use cases

24-Feb-10 | 28,032 views

I still need a name for my drawing machine. My class felt the “machine” in the name is confusing, but I keep thinking the whole application as a machine since there will be loosely coupled components, and they are assembled in a way like machines. Anyways a name would still be necessary because that will […]

Thesis Workplan

24-Feb-10 | 25,423 views

is here:

Thesis Idea Switch

24-Feb-10 | 21,481 views

So this is happening to me, and I guess sooner is better than later. I would like to have a specific idea to develop (and code!) so I am turning back to the self-evolving drawing machine idea. I realized that given the very limited time it is nearly impractical to complete my research on the […]

redefining privacy: a background research

14-Feb-10 | 8,315 views

Although I have not yet scoped down my thesis project to a specific and executable idea, it sits in the context where new technologies and innovations in communication tools have already changed a great deal in daily human-to-human interactions. However in such situation people are not yet ready for the much more significant social norm […]

Thesis abstract draft

03-Feb-10 | 3,830 views

I have always been paranoid keeping my different online identities separate. It has been a while since I found it easy enough to put up several google searches and get a pretty complete profile of a person, if he or she does have an active online identity. It is not to say I think keeping […]

Kicking off my thesis journal

02-Feb-10 | 13,944 views

it’s time.