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Shoot the freak

15-Dec-08 | 5,890 views

We added a new scene to the animation last week but it’s not supposed to be a final work anyway. The new story would involve another “escaper” from the vending machine and hopefully it’s a boy. So, a lot can happen… It’s always been hard to squeeze time out of all other projects in the […]

Pour Your Body Out @ MoMA

14-Dec-08 | 10,196 views

I went with Lina, Daniel and Gloria to see Pipilotti Rist’s “Pour Your Body Out” last Friday to pull our bodies out from the wires and codes but strangely I have no memory of that night at all. Okay I still remember the couch since we all got into the central area and saw people […]

Vending Machine Dolls

07-Dec-08 | 10,545 views

This is a short piece for commlab AfterFx assignment. I know it’s hardly anything like the proposed storyboard, but please believe that this is just a tiny little piece of teaser preview……

Voodoo Doll Love

21-Nov-08 | 204,764 views

I’ll be working with molmol on the animation and … it’ll be, again, a lot of work… So here’s the storyboard. Visit this page for uninterrupted browsing experience. charactor originally designed by molmol, great work!

To-do List (Supplementary Uncertainty)

13-Nov-08 | 4,290 views

yes we made it! on time! and fantastic! Thank Lina, Bryan and Adi!

The making of “Todo List”

07-Nov-08 | 5,125 views

Check out the time lapse video while we were filming the video work for comm lab. I took out some of the blank screens while we were out having a break (and yes, pizza and beer). It’s not one hundred percent compliant with the original storyboard due to the time. Let’s see what we can […]

Audio clip for CommLab

04-Nov-08 | 6,430 views

This post is one of the catch up series posting since mid-term! Set 1: International Language Track 1 and Background Music Set 2: International Language Track 2 and English Track


30-Oct-08 | 25,307 views Special thanks to Adi, Bryan and Lina! It’ll be a great film!

Response to Understanding Media

16-Oct-08 | 12,690 views

I was usually slow in reading assignment not only because I read really slowly but also that it’s so easy to get me distracted from reading a book especialy while the laptop is on (for looking up words in the dictionary! seriously!). There was a fantastic stop motion animation which perfectly described my situation and […]


08-Oct-08 | 16,633 views

Panda Attack!!! Thanks Emily! UPDATE: Story board! UPDATE 2: pandemonium |ˌpandəˈmōnēəm| noun wild and noisy disorder or confusion; uproar : pandemonium broke out. ORIGIN mid 17th cent.: modern Latin (denoting the place of all demons, in Milton’s Paradise Lost), from pan- [all] + Greek daimōn ‘demon.’ UPDATE 3: tweezers |ˈtwēzərz| plural noun (also a pair […]