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Drawing Machine Project Proposal

26-Oct-09 | 26,234 views

inspiration Erik Natzke‘s generative drawing in Flash Game Is Over from Erik Natzke on Vimeo. manual mouse input + flash actionscript Craig Mullins‘ digital painting CCTV Ink TV Commercial – Directed by Niko Tziopanos CCTV Ink TV Commercial – Directed by Niko Tziopanos from on Vimeo. proposal I would like to create a generative […]

When you cannot sleep

04-Mar-09 | 6,821 views

It’s a shame I never wrote about Redial class since it really turned out to be my favorite this semester. Asterisk is so fun to hack around with although so far we’ve just been doing really simple stuff. For the midterm, Li and I teamed up and decided to create an answering bot which you […]

Perlin Noise Flow Field and Smoky Ribbon

04-Mar-09 | 14,394 views

My take into the midterm for Nature of Code started from aimless playing with some old codes I made a couple of weeks ago. Not having a concrete idea of a “project” proposal, I decided to apply a Perlin Noise flow field to the fluid pluses I made last week, so that I need not […]

CUBE was not built/burnt in a day

22-Oct-08 | 6,017 views

ACT 0: BRAINSTORMING THE CUBE ACT 1: ARDUINO ONLY SOUND ANALYSIS pcom midterm: microphone + arduino beat detection from Leejay Xia on Vimeo. pcom midterm: mircophone + arduinobeat detection log from Leejay Xia on Vimeo. ACT 2: THE MACHANICS pcom midterm: the skeleton from Leejay Xia on Vimeo. ACT 3: IT WORKED!!! pcom midterm: rhythm […]