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Tag Archives: Physical Computing

Communication Setup for Blinded

15-May-10 | 23,129 views

Li and I worked on a group of robotic/kinetic creatures to create an ironic and self-balanced networked system called Blinded. A very detailed documentation of the construction iterations are up on Li’s website, so I’ll just write a bit about the communication between the creatures. For the first iteration we had only one creature fully […]

Update on Physical Computing Final

07-Dec-08 | 7,230 views

I’ve been working with Liesje on the pcomp final and we had a lot of fun playing with magnets. Now it comes to a crucial question what are we gonna do to put some real pcomp into this project. Finally today we came to narrow down our ideas and focused on a still exciting solution! […]

Proposal for Pcom Final

12-Nov-08 | 76,041 views

The biggest challenge for me so far is to narrow down the options and ideas. The semester is too short to explore everything that interests me, so that makes it even harder to decide on a “final” project. Proposal 1: The Sphere I’m taking the visualizing the five senses class this semester and am always […]

UPDATED: Pcom lab catch up and GO OUT

29-Oct-08 | 4,871 views

The transister lab looks fun because I like these DC motors since young. They have a unique smell while spinning really fast. In my impression they could work very well with just 2 AA battery (3V) in a toy car, so I’m curious about how would it be with 9 or 12V. First I hooked […]

CUBE was not built/burnt in a day

22-Oct-08 | 6,241 views

ACT 0: BRAINSTORMING THE CUBE ACT 1: ARDUINO ONLY SOUND ANALYSIS pcom midterm: microphone + arduino beat detection from Leejay Xia on Vimeo. pcom midterm: mircophone + arduinobeat detection log from Leejay Xia on Vimeo. ACT 2: THE MACHANICS pcom midterm: the skeleton from Leejay Xia on Vimeo. ACT 3: IT WORKED!!! pcom midterm: rhythm […]

PCom Update: multiple serial input

15-Oct-08 | 3,491 views

I’ve been mostly working on viz class and pcom mid term over the weekend. One big thing is I once made the eight-buck-deal RF Link work in the studio, but never succeeded in testing again since I went back to the dorm. I used software serial library to utilize digital pins as serial input/output and […]

PCom: Serial Input in Processing

08-Oct-08 | 4,764 views

I do enjoy the force sensor I got in week 5′s application class so I’ll definitely use it more in the assignment! First I revisited the processing codes I wrote for week 2, which now seems to be a total mess. I didn’t know about the serialEvent callback then so I parsed the serial input […]

Solution for Lockouts

01-Oct-08 | 4,984 views

Lockouts are irritating. especially when you live in a dorm, at midnight, your roommate is sleeping, and backup keys are two hours away. Here’s the self-service solution. I should have made a much more complex combination lock with multiple sensors and flexible customization functionalities, but it’s two in the morning… so maybe next time… Secret […]

Supposed-to-be-easy Electricity Lab

24-Sep-08 | 5,077 views

Spent still over two hours though., most of the time tweaking with the multimeter. THE REGULATOR    Output: 4.97V Input:16.47V Voltage over LED: 2.088V – over resister: 2.70V LED IN SERIES I don’t really have much to say about that… LED A:2.52V LED B:2.48V Seems perfect? Not able to light up 3 LEDs in series […]

Physical Computing Week 2: Analog!

17-Sep-08 | 5,321 views

Hooking up the following stuff according to the diagram was easy and quick. And a resister of 220 10K Om is working ideally to create an ouput range of 0 – 930 (from total darkness to direct shine of torchlight) for the photocell. I changed the switch from last week to a much smaller one […]