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Digitized Memories

08-Oct-09 | 14,695 views

Virtual reality is apparently not just about the vision, it’s always about using all possible help of the technology to trigger a similar (but altered) experience that is already stored in the human brain through all senses, including very subtle emotions. It’s a magic of bringing the memory to the present. It is not too […]

Humon beings update

02-May-09 | 7,484 views

Li and I presented the humons on Wednesday and Thursday in both Redial and Nature of Code class. Although we’ve been playing around for weeks and a lot of people already saw it, it’s still so joyful to see a lot people actually play with it at the same time. Here’s the video from the […]

Final Presentation: Face Blind

18-Dec-08 | 5,472 views

On Tuesday we had Paola Antonelli, Natalie Jeremijenko, Allyson Torrisi as guests in the Visualizing the Five Senses class final presentation. I showed my final work on the Face Blind project.