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Drawing Machine Project Proposal

26-Oct-09 | 26,260 views

inspiration Erik Natzke‘s generative drawing in Flash Game Is Over from Erik Natzke on Vimeo. manual mouse input + flash actionscript Craig Mullins‘ digital painting CCTV Ink TV Commercial – Directed by Niko Tziopanos CCTV Ink TV Commercial – Directed by Niko Tziopanos from on Vimeo. proposal I would like to create a generative […]

Jaw dropping facts, and now what

05-Mar-09 | 5,973 views

So, yes I’m taking three design classes this semester, really pushing myself hardest ever. As a semester long project for Mainstreaming Information class, we were required to look for “jaw-dropping facts” and create visualizations to articulate. As a kickoff I created this poster to pitch the main topic of my project. I would like to […]

Toy Design Proposal

05-Mar-09 | 14,329 views

Jabberstamp was almost my initial motivation of getting into physical computing and interactive design. To create a more general purpose sound toy seems a little bit too ambitious for a couple of months, I would still like to put forward and see how far I can push it into. I meant to focus more on […]

Face blind

07-Dec-08 | 5,749 views

I chose the topic of face blindness of my final project for “visualizing the five senses” because I was simply stunned while I bump into the website of prosopagnosia. It was almost at once I decided to create something under this topic and also I think it’s highly related to this class. Prosopagnosia, also known […]

Proposal for Pcom Final

12-Nov-08 | 75,787 views

The biggest challenge for me so far is to narrow down the options and ideas. The semester is too short to explore everything that interests me, so that makes it even harder to decide on a “final” project. Proposal 1: The Sphere I’m taking the visualizing the five senses class this semester and am always […]