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Automating The Brush Stroke

20-Nov-09 | 8,806 views

Here’s a rough diagram of the drawing machine architecture that I have in mind. I’m building the components from bottom to top. I moved on from the brush stroke and started to work on a set of drawing functions that incorporate the stroke. Currently coverage: moveTo, lineTo, rect, circle the moveTo function is necessary since […]

Perlin Noise Flow Field and Smoky Ribbon

04-Mar-09 | 14,716 views

My take into the midterm for Nature of Code started from aimless playing with some old codes I made a couple of weeks ago. Not having a concrete idea of a “project” proposal, I decided to apply a Perlin Noise flow field to the fluid pluses I made last week, so that I need not […]

Playing with fluid simulation

23-Feb-09 | 6,385 views

As continuing playing with particle systems I came up this simple applet of fluid simuation app. Play applet at or

Floating bubbles

22-Feb-09 | 7,180 views

Assignment 2 for Nature of Code. Trying to simulate floating effect by creating gravity and buoyancy under the imaginative surface of water (in this case, the middle of the screen).  This is a practice of simulating the second Newton’s law by applying acceleration to the particle’s velocity other than directly changing the velocity or location. Play […]

PCom Update: multiple serial input

15-Oct-08 | 3,494 views

I’ve been mostly working on viz class and pcom mid term over the weekend. One big thing is I once made the eight-buck-deal RF Link work in the studio, but never succeeded in testing again since I went back to the dorm. I used software serial library to utilize digital pins as serial input/output and […]