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More experiments with globe

09-Apr-09 | 8,457 views

Some sketches to play with 3D globe and its motion. I have to made this to see if it makes sense at all if I plot the timeline data long the radius of the globe. Next step is to create better visual elements and put in text captions. The graph reads from the center to […]

Toy Design Proposal

05-Mar-09 | 14,548 views

Jabberstamp was almost my initial motivation of getting into physical computing and interactive design. To create a more general purpose sound toy seems a little bit too ambitious for a couple of months, I would still like to put forward and see how far I can push it into. I meant to focus more on […]

Designing a light switch

17-Feb-09 | 50,139 views

Light switches are so common that we’ve build unconscious paradigm in them. They are either binary or look like a knob. I was trying not to break the paradigm just to break the paradigm, nor to introduce extra circuits/mechanisms just for the form. That being said, I was trying carefully to address a certain problem […]