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Storytelling stickers update

09-Apr-09 | 6,271 views

Wrapping up what’s happened to the storytelling stickers! THE READER The RFID reader is working! It took a while though. I did some search and ended up taking arduino codes from featuring the AF_SoftSerial library. It’s very well written and comprehensive. The scripts added a kicking off step and a disconnection detection as well. […]

When you cannot sleep

04-Mar-09 | 6,846 views

It’s a shame I never wrote about Redial class since it really turned out to be my favorite this semester. Asterisk is so fun to hack around with although so far we’ve just been doing really simple stuff. For the midterm, Li and I teamed up and decided to create an answering bot which you […]

Visualizing Sound: Week 2

15-Sep-08 | 5,202 views

I played a lot with processing today and almost forgot about the homework. Here comes the visualization for the famous pink song: First I changed the audio source to line-in so that I could play live with whatever I want. And I do love to snap to my laptop and see it react. *snap* *snap* […]

Visualizing Sound: first attempt

15-Sep-08 | 2,905 views

This is a late post but late is better than nothing. My very first piece of work ever in processing is an “equalizer” for an mp3 file. It’s pretty much basic (well, lame even under my standard) but featuring the FFT and BeatDetect interface in minim library. I played around with the functions the FFT […]