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Tag Archives: Spring 2009

Humon and Intervention visualization are in ITP Spring Show 2009

10-May-09 | 4,249 views

Humon and Visualization of US Military Interventions are both in the show! You should come if you’re in New York at this time. Only one day left! Check it out on Monday, May 11, 2009 -9pm!

Humon beings update

02-May-09 | 7,671 views

Li and I presented the humons on Wednesday and Thursday in both Redial and Nature of Code class. Although we’ve been playing around for weeks and a lot of people already saw it, it’s still so joyful to see a lot people actually play with it at the same time. Here’s the video from the […]

US Intervention 1798 – 2009

27-Apr-09 | 8,982 views

“The United States military has been intervening in other countries for a long time. In 1898, it seized the Philippines, Cuba, and Puerto Rico from Spain, and in 1917-18 became embroiled in World War I in Europe. In the first half of the 20th century it repeatedly sent Marines to ‘protectorates’ such as Nicaragua, Honduras, […]

I wish I know more trigs

14-Apr-09 | 7,471 views

Did too much soldering today. I’ll just post some screenshots as update for the U.S. intervention history visualization. Since last the most effort regarding this project was spent on figuring out the tech details on building interaction into the spinning globe. I wish I know more about trigs! Several tips to put down for myself: […]

Storytelling stickers update

09-Apr-09 | 6,482 views

Wrapping up what’s happened to the storytelling stickers! THE READER The RFID reader is working! It took a while though. I did some search and ended up taking arduino codes from featuring the AF_SoftSerial library. It’s very well written and comprehensive. The scripts added a kicking off step and a disconnection detection as well. […]

More experiments with globe

09-Apr-09 | 8,457 views

Some sketches to play with 3D globe and its motion. I have to made this to see if it makes sense at all if I plot the timeline data long the radius of the globe. Next step is to create better visual elements and put in text captions. The graph reads from the center to […]

update on mainstreaming info

30-Mar-09 | 52,178 views

I broadened my mainstreaming info project to look into all US military interventions in the past 200 years instead of only nation building attempts for several reasons. After putting all nation building facts together and categorizing them by countries, it’s still hard for me to reveal some significant patterns among all these attempts for me […]

Visualizing wolfram patterns with monmonmonsters

30-Mar-09 | 5,167 views

Interested in creating a simple form of “stand alone complex”, I decided to use wolfram’s one-dimension cellular automata as the underneath engine for the monsters. The color, dancing pattern, dancing amplitude are driven by different sets of CA rules. Play monmon “CA” monster here: or on openprocessing:


12-Mar-09 | 4,723 views

I spent hours playing with processing monsters last night and ended up with my little monster creation with cellular automata. I was excited about the possibility of creating a “complex” in between chaos and periodical oscillation but still feel confused to create one from scratch. A possible approach could be build a new visual/behavior/whatever upon […]

Jaw dropping facts, and now what

05-Mar-09 | 6,168 views

So, yes I’m taking three design classes this semester, really pushing myself hardest ever. As a semester long project for Mainstreaming Information class, we were required to look for “jaw-dropping facts” and create visualizations to articulate. As a kickoff I created this poster to pitch the main topic of my project. I would like to […]