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Storytelling stickers update

09-Apr-09 | 6,484 views

Wrapping up what’s happened to the storytelling stickers! THE READER The RFID reader is working! It took a while though. I did some search and ended up taking arduino codes from featuring the AF_SoftSerial library. It’s very well written and comprehensive. The scripts added a kicking off step and a disconnection detection as well. […]

Toy Design Proposal

05-Mar-09 | 14,550 views

Jabberstamp was almost my initial motivation of getting into physical computing and interactive design. To create a more general purpose sound toy seems a little bit too ambitious for a couple of months, I would still like to put forward and see how far I can push it into. I meant to focus more on […]

Magnetic Tracer

22-Feb-09 | 4,539 views

At week 1 of toy design class, I grouped with Emeri, Elie and EJ and quick prototyped a drawing toy over the weekend. After ruling out a lot of other possibilities of making a drawing toy like miniature catapult loaded with chalk powder or rolling marbles spitting ink, we came back to the idea of […]