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line and contour

21-Sep-09 | 8,139 views

1. Place one (large) drop of ink on a piece of paper; 2. Tilt the paper to push the ink towards the other corner of the paper but keep the ink from the edge of the paper; Contour Studies

The walker

22-Feb-09 | 5,475 views

I played with noise and probability to see what I can get out of the “walker” example for The Nature of Code class. 4 parameters were set up to control my walker group and somehow I’m getting this flies around food / bugs around lamp effect. Parameters: Acceleration of the particle Attraction from the anchor […]

Magnetic Tracer

22-Feb-09 | 4,508 views

At week 1 of toy design class, I grouped with Emeri, Elie and EJ and quick prototyped a drawing toy over the weekend. After ruling out a lot of other possibilities of making a drawing toy like miniature catapult loaded with chalk powder or rolling marbles spitting ink, we came back to the idea of […]

Designing a light switch

17-Feb-09 | 49,527 views

Light switches are so common that we’ve build unconscious paradigm in them. They are either binary or look like a knob. I was trying not to break the paradigm just to break the paradigm, nor to introduce extra circuits/mechanisms just for the form. That being said, I was trying carefully to address a certain problem […]

Visualizing Sound: first attempt

15-Sep-08 | 2,959 views

This is a late post but late is better than nothing. My very first piece of work ever in processing is an “equalizer” for an mp3 file. It’s pretty much basic (well, lame even under my standard) but featuring the FFT and BeatDetect interface in minim library. I played around with the functions the FFT […]

Quick update on waterfall (more photo to follow)

11-Sep-08 | 5,133 views

Sunny afternoon, fair breeze, september 11th, perfect day to hang out. However I was going alone so I tried hard to make myself look like a tourist. I do like the idea of the waterfall in urban area, but I did expect it to be more surrealistic.    The scaffolding of the waterfall looks weak given the […]

Digital I/O with Arduino

10-Sep-08 | 7,225 views

I bought my first Arduino boards in 2007 and never touched them again ever since setting up the famous “blinking LED” code sample. It does recall some memory when I have my hands on the chips and boards and wires and stuff… again. The Arduino I have is an old NG(Nuova Generazione) rev C, which […]