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Floating bubbles

22-Feb-09 | 7,179 views

Assignment 2 for Nature of Code. Trying to simulate floating effect by creating gravity and buoyancy under the imaginative surface of water (in this case, the middle of the screen).  This is a practice of simulating the second Newton’s law by applying acceleration to the particle’s velocity other than directly changing the velocity or location. Play […]

The Machine Stops

18-Sep-08 | 7,899 views

I’ve always been enjoying science fictions regarding man-machine relationship, in most cases through movies though. It’s undoubtedly amazing experience to read a story from 1909 which ironically indicated a real problem nowadays, that people are tied so much to the internet that traditional concept of privacy, relationship and trust are dramatically changing. Fortunately we are […]

Physical Computing Week 2: Analog!

17-Sep-08 | 5,321 views

Hooking up the following stuff according to the diagram was easy and quick. And a resister of 220 10K Om is working ideally to create an ouput range of 0 – 930 (from total darkness to direct shine of torchlight) for the photocell. I changed the switch from last week to a much smaller one […]

Visualizing Sound: Week 2

15-Sep-08 | 5,477 views

I played a lot with processing today and almost forgot about the homework. Here comes the visualization for the famous pink song: First I changed the audio source to line-in so that I could play live with whatever I want. And I do love to snap to my laptop and see it react. *snap* *snap* […]

Friday Afternoon Bus Ride on M5

14-Sep-08 | 5,104 views

THE RIDE I had no idea where this journey would lead me to while I stepped into the bus. I didn’t even check the bus map for the exact location of the destination. Having never taken any buses before in this city, I stared at the card reader for a while trying to find out […]