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Tag Archives: Week3

The Weaver

22-Feb-09 | 4,999 views

This is an exercise of creating hundreds of hidden attractors on the screen to pull the particles on the screen so as to create a weaving behavior.       When it’s getting denser, the result is getting more interesting. This one looks like moss on the rock. More     Play the applet at

Response to “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction (1936)”

25-Sep-08 | 4,054 views

I didn’t really finished the essay because I’m really slow reading English, however I happened to have read it in Chinese translation back in Shanghai, so I’m just writing down small pieces of thoughts. I always feel that art is related to skills, and definition of skill varies through time. We tend to worship artworks […]

Pepper and Chicken

24-Sep-08 | 2,726 views

Forgot to use the Xacti to shoot though…… It’s really hard to shoot single-hand! I mean while cooking!

Supposed-to-be-easy Electricity Lab

24-Sep-08 | 4,987 views

Spent still over two hours though., most of the time tweaking with the multimeter. THE REGULATOR    Output: 4.97V Input:16.47V Voltage over LED: 2.088V – over resister: 2.70V LED IN SERIES I don’t really have much to say about that… LED A:2.52V LED B:2.48V Seems perfect? Not able to light up 3 LEDs in series […]

Seeing through the low-res: Iteration One

23-Sep-08 | 4,579 views

“To visualize the vision” makes me feeling confused for a long time. Bunches of questions buzzing in my head while I started playing with the microscope. What am I supposed to do if the source is already viewable to the eyes? Would it make sense just to stretch the images, scale them, detect some edges […]

30 Minutes Film Festival

19-Sep-08 | 3,855 views

It was a (really) quick edit however the random clips of Gabe were AMAZING! Thanks Lara and Gloria.