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Tag Archives: Week4

Playing with fluid simulation

23-Feb-09 | 6,319 views

As continuing playing with particle systems I came up this simple applet of fluid simuation app. Play applet at or

Fred and Lester

02-Oct-08 | 3,688 views

Fred and Lester have always been good coworkers until one day… (Thanks Lara!) by Lara and Liangjie Also, rough storyboard/charactor design:

Solution for Lockouts

01-Oct-08 | 4,929 views

Lockouts are irritating. especially when you live in a dorm, at midnight, your roommate is sleeping, and backup keys are two hours away. Here’s the self-service solution. I should have made a much more complex combination lock with multiple sensors and flexible customization functionalities, but it’s two in the morning… so maybe next time… Secret […]

Two sides of a coin (literally)

29-Sep-08 | 6,552 views

I switched to the newer microscope eventually since I didn’t find a way to keep the top light of the QX3 on because I wanted to sample something opaque. Here’s what I got (click to see it REEEAAALLY BIIIGGG): After taking pictures for whatever I can grab on the table, I decided to create a […]