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Tag Archives: Week6

Response to Understanding Media

16-Oct-08 | 12,700 views

I was usually slow in reading assignment not only because I read really slowly but also that it’s so easy to get me distracted from reading a book especialy while the laptop is on (for looking up words in the dictionary! seriously!). There was a fantastic stop motion animation which perfectly described my situation and […]

Visualizing Smell: Acquire and Parse

15-Oct-08 | 7,962 views

I spent the whole afternoon today writing some very ugly codes to extract the space gradient and larvae path data from the original xml file and it’s almost done. I’m now able to sketch with the raw data and have my own first visual impression on the data: Next steps: Performance!!! current performance is too […]

PCom Update: multiple serial input

15-Oct-08 | 3,495 views

I’ve been mostly working on viz class and pcom mid term over the weekend. One big thing is I once made the eight-buck-deal RF Link work in the studio, but never succeeded in testing again since I went back to the dorm. I used software serial library to utilize digital pins as serial input/output and […]