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Visualizing Smell: Group Assignment

Group assignment by Robert Carlsen, Brien Colwell, Cynthia Hilmoe, Liangjie Xia.

The smell visualization is based on the experiment in the paper “Bilateral olfactory sensory input enhances chemotaxis behavior”(Nature Magazine. Matthieu Louis, Thomas Huber, Richard Benton, Thomas P Sakmar & Leslie B Vosshall). We tried to look into the larvae’s triangulation behavior and assumed that we should see more zigzagging in larvae with full functional olfactory senses which helps them correcting their navigation towards the odor source.

The “expected” direction of a single larva is calculated on each sample point of their movement. We have the gradient data of the odor field (odor intensity on every point in the field) so that we could calculate the norm vector that points to the odor center. After that we were able to plot the deviation angle between the larva’s current direction and expected direction.

Image courtesy of Robert.

Since our initial intention was to reveal the triangulation behavior we wanted to emphasize the crossing of the larva with the (imaginary) norm line. So we directly plot the radian angle and got the following sketch. The positive values are the deviation to the left and while the larva turns to the right it goes below zero. The angle above PI/2 are colorized in red to show a totally reversed movement.

The problem in the above sketch is that while larva is turning near the 180 degree backward we get a huge jump in the values (from around PI to -PI). However for the larva itself it’s not performing a that tremendous movement at all. The visualization is not telling the truth. So we changed the strategy and differentiated the left/right deviation only in colors so that we could still see the “crossing” in the color switching. Here’s the final result:

It’s not a perfect scientific report that proves the intention of the experiment. We do not see significant behavioral differences between two groups of larvae in the final render. We also marked whether or not a larva gets to the high concentration area of the odor in circle/cross on the sketch and again it’s not significant enough to tell the difference between two groups. We might still need more data to get a more reasonable statistic result to show what the experiment is trying to prove.

Notes from Cynthia.


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