A project by Emily Ryan. I helped as lead developer and was responsible for screen visuals programming, system integration and maintenance.

Inspired by the unique personalities of New Yorkers, #HMNYC is an interactive sculpture that allows users to upload messages via twitter and photos from the in-store photobooth to create their own experience with the display.

The piece is comprised of a 46 ft long skyline of New York City embedded with 18 monitors that display live Twitter messages and pictures from the automated photobooth.

It was installed in the flagship H&M store on 42nd Street & 5th Avenue, NYC from November 2010-February 2011. Over 5000 people participated in the HMNYC project during the holiday season.

Screen visuals were developed in openFrameworks, the whole system was put together with processing sketches, python scripts and bunches of shell scripts.

The photo booth is a work of Mike Kelberman.

For more information on the project or those involved go to hmnycproject.com

Browser our flickr photo sets or follow hmnycproject on twitter.